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other hand the similarity between all the strains studied was strik
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little impatiently for your address. As this was the first
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anxious to explain to an admiring public what a fine
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that the men were exhausted for want of food but supplies
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patient who is made to walk backwards will then also present a similar
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departed from the line of the exact physiological function of
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corrected hypertension The decision to treat or not to
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fluence which in many instances can be shown to result from
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be better dressed the patient may be mercurialised by dressing
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It is largely a deficiency of education in certain ele
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nary stimuli. Such a condition would really be super
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The bloodvessels at the base of the brain were intensely congested and in
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and no particular change in the temperature at any time.
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human beings so that they run hardly any risk of being infected by
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favorable conditions a cure should be perfectly possible. Inunctions of mer
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in this manner it affords relief so promptly as to learc
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before reaching Cape Majr while a northwest wind would
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a priori should affect the constancy of the relation.
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juscif icaCion of decisions and particularly policy recommendations. As Frankena
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extensive and especially if only one kidney is involved the
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danger of infection is greatly minimized if the purse string sutures are
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Project Consultant Boston College Social Work School. Discussion of
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usually takes from one to three minutes dependent upon the strength
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is not known we have only superficial studies on the relations of different

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