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ophthalmologists were agreed he believed that this should
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the deficiency of which causes this disease are abundant in various articles
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ercise. Pain disappeared rapidly in course of a week or
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varies greatly in ditterent diseases. For our resent pur ose it may bo
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sometimes only by watching the course of the disease and the result of
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which to offer some remarks was one of surpassing interest and now
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September. The patient is considerably better. She talks more and
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Dallinger gradually accustomed to endure a temperature of
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ing all prescriptions accurately into his register in accordance with
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According to Smith the pulse sinks normally at night in phthisis
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reason that everybody s skin was not sensitized to it. One
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along the border of the muscle the muscle is drawn backward and
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about three quarters of an inch from the radial.border and
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that of an infection produced by a natural inoculating
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many small casts filled with oil and cells containing oil are
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To return to the convention another matter settled on that June
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exclusively contains the specific poison Might it not be that two
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are so obscure that they are overlooked. In this condition we
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being chosen president of the meeting and Harvey Wood ap
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brilliant investigators Dr. Walter Myers who died of
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constantly filled with interesting cases many of them
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also that a single anastomosis between the artery and the
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respiration was not impeded and the muscles remained quite
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ed in reducing the tumor which was as large as a moder
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muth arsenic simple bitters eucalyptus hydrastis and cinchona and its
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histological examination in the first case gave the
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what they may the importance of early recognition of
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on.y eneral principles. After recovery is advanced give iodide potash in
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upon which the bacilli live in the normal throat may
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by ten minutes abdominal massage. This latter is care
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is gained with advanchig age. Its diaj nostic point if
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ered by means other than forceps indicating the high incidence of cae
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ache pulse. The head ache continued to increase on going
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it is developed within a few weeks. Early and prominent symptoms are
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day in which case he must in addition to the ordinary fee
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It is important to determine what this poison is and how it gains

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