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Bath has made a valuable contribution to the anatomy of

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The aqueous humour is often evacuated without the inter

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Georgius J oannes Ogilvj Anglus. De Phthisi Pulmonali.

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related admissions by case total charge and average

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disease in the immediate future is too remote to be

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creted. But as has been said by Dr. Bouchard of this

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the blood of horses shortly after infection in a short tadpole form and

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false membranes are of greater density sometimes from to mm. in thick

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for his midday meal any food that can be easily digested

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Sixth Edition. Revised Enlarged and Carefully Edited.

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In these metallurgical processes the workmen suffer from the sulphur

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of the eyes till convalescence and his gums bled on

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the year we roast is quite just our climate combines

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ing eruption of the skin we must also determine the cause or

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the uterine fluxes have a malign quality in them which must

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sible that by a permanent reasonable method of living

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that Dr. Garceau s paper is very valuable as calling

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that rodent ulcer may possibly not be a tumour growth proper.

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Experience in the enforcement of what is known as the hour

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Without attempting anything like a statistical analysis of recorded

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iodide of potassium in these cases it is my opinion that if mercury

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surprisingly frequent owing to the large size of these

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to impress on the mind the leading characteristics.

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Pennsylvania. Reciprocity exists at present with Ne

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mella as for example the tongues of the reed quaver

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disappeared from the right thigh and the discharge from the

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up. In that year O. Hammersten published a long and

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smaller curvature of the stomach whilst a third passed to the

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that the infectious agents concerned in four of these cases were

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Bpong or absorbent cotton thoroughly into the ventri

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cells after phagocytosis would seem to last only for some hours.

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Persons of middle age or past middle age sometimes feel dis

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sound and other evidences of pleurisy without rise of

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nodes were enlarged hard and discrete. There were a few recent

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The inhalation of the vapor of steam is often bene

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caused by the rats act of eating infected fleas. It is

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rent be applied to the cardiac region the force being

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large or small rooms. If all the formalin necessary

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commended the scientific spirit of the communication.

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of the doses recommended by him and our contempt for the physician

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