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alcohol. Intensify and exaggerate the effects of single doses tenfold
observation of the same white coccus in pure culture time after time in
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The consumptive form of the disease mentioned above develops
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ture traumaticiue de la rate resection du bord cartila
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been more or less absorbed. The glottic space though
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did not persist any length of time and no after effects
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lavage for a shorter period. The conditions under which
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local applications of argyrol and flushing of the con
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According to a published report in the daily papers of last week it
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degree of stability so that without fear of further
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brief and slight initial retardation. The magnitude
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tion. Its gross appearance would enable no one to regard it as a
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general anaesthetic than ether. Antipyrin is described
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made all five patients who initially showed abnormal configuration curves now
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found a shallow scalp wound about an inch to an inch
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these limbs forward preparatory to supporting the body at the next
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amounts of these substances after the operation but they
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the solution to stand for three days shaking it occasionally then filter.
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it a great privilege to serve as the intermediary in behalf of representatives
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was much astonished at the remarkable power it possessed over the disease.
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Charity Ward where he was very rigorously treated on Mr.
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periphery thus relieving cerebrospinal congestion and con
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the operation there were in the same space of time twelve or fifteen
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on gradients But practically all impervious road surfaces become slippery under certain conditions
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meat medium. I find that given a uniform technic strains of the vibrion

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