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be it foot rot necrotic quittor necrotic scratches necrotic va
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much checked by inflammation of the matrix of the nail of both great
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of notice as proved by the circumstances that the gangrene
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sis appearing on page of the February issue I am reported as
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Iodide of Potassium two drams water twenty one drams should be
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Saturday and as she seemed restless and excitable I gave her a
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There is another matter as to which I conceive that some mis
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confine the tendons to the shafts of the diminutive long bones
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animals gave him antitodal results and that the results
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large experience with it has never observed the slightest evi
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when this amoimt in weight was lost there was no doubt
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Models showing this method and treatment were on the
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ment which does not cover all the ground of proposed legis
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of his life infra will show the reader that the above essays
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as they are found only in non viable children the case reported by
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severe the little patient can be placed in a bath and the
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first expelled the head Is thrown backward. This pres
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progress. The third point is the question as to the mode of action
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The occurrence of two instructive cases in his own ex
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anasarca. The patient sixty three year of age a railroad engineer
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cury and silver. The small disinfecting power of cer
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enter the chest during respiration. They gave a tabular account of opera
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Major Reed who demonstrated the mosquito the cause of yellow
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bactericidal action of the cresol or would it leave it unchanged and if
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tive process the functional activity of the gastric
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quarantine as a result of the eradication of these ticks square
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inent will have reference to the latter. The genf ral prr
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an asylum. Yet here there was deprivation voluntary
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mosphere and it is to be remarked that its first mentioned ap
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hence the turning up of the eye at such time is not
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term but not in labor the conservative Cesarean section
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In nervous diseases of females some forms of convul
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even then it is difficult for independent observers to obtain concordant

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