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Sharp carries out the law of that state providing for the sterilization

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arteries and arterioles becaiLse if this were wanting as at present

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no fasces at all. Abscesses such as hepatic abscesses may

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dioe though their fundameBtal action may not affect the liver.

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internal medication or other means and if the disease is accompanied

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merely as secondary to and symptomatic of hepatic affection

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ing rest. When the activity is widespread the greater blood supply is

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physician and surgeon employed to treat an injury im

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water and is given off from the lungs mouth and skin

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facts about poliomyelitis has been its extraordinary

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briefly inquire into the facts. There are certain European countries

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tmtion give Arsenicum followed in twolvo hours if no relief by

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known the neutral mineral waters should be used. Even in

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furnished data which indicated that a low H ion concentration inhibited

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ful of the oil the yolk of one egg the juice of one

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slightly flexed and so relax the muscles. He thought the

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relative deficiency of oxygen in morning blood and the ingress of

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occupation during the last twelve or fourteen years.

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the re piratorv quotients were abnormally low and that the apparent oxygen

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rotundum the fenestra ovalis G the semicircular cauals.

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Philadelphia County Medical Society Author Wallace G.

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ment. Such then is the prevailing attitude of society toward

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zation are intimately associated processes. At any rate

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an average walnut. At first it produced no discomfort not

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