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officer of Alabama is added stating in reply to your

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with constipation and the diagnosis must be made by

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upper lid could not be raised the conjunctiva was injected. Pathological

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in administering drugs whose effects are the opposite of those

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water tread six times shoulder shower once hip and knee shower

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former symptoms was present bul in their place others

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ing with better results than with any line of treatment previously

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sions I have merely considered the object and end which each function

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by depriving the muscles of their proper tone thereby

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gastro intestinal catarrh produced by dietetic errors. The latter

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just above the sacrum. The X ray will make the diagnosis.

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the bone seized with a strong forceps and removed through the external

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of water of crystallization and because of this the two salts are not

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at the free margin of the folds. Foreign bodies are sometimes found in

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impregnation both in the father and mother might be transmitted.

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symptoms after the syphilitic infection and in the three

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thickening and a strain upon the vessels. It might per

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and the plague that formerly desolated large countries

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pated give Nux vomica at night a single dose of four globules. If

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knee cap. The ordinary elastic knee cap is neither adequate nor

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rejoice at the prospect of an increased supply of quinine

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later there was no evidence of recurrence and a drawing

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Treatment. Aside from its surgical treatment to which I shall refer

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noyance than usually follows the administration of this

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