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however have been produced by the most varied processes some

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ablutionists would certainly suffer the dire consequences

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any part of her domain and particularly such discove

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of fever and quite indistinguishable from the others on clinical

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lation of the part too much and thus increase the danger of

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taking care not to neglect such matters as the retention

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passed for the purpose of ready removal in case of necessity.

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case the animal should have had temporary relief from

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are quoted from other authors. The author relates three cases

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Sometimes alcohol and digitalis are used to strengthen

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largement. Other investigators stated in the discussion

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dessertspoonful doses of Dioviburnia be given internally three

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inefficient and needed thorough reorganization. Dr.

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tober Dr. Simpion began his experiments with various other sub

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haave unconsciously practised scientific method whenever they rigorously observed

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pealed to the said quack for medical advice pretending

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model b an oral examination on ijanatomy and physio

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In the Y shaped variety one fragment was usually dis

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unchanged although slightly tinged with bile. Diar

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operates on a man and he recovers the psychological moment

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cold and damp and are subjected to considerable muscular

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method which has been largely used chiefly in Germany. The result

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of such bogus degrees it is difficult to see why it should

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gree of restlessness to perspire profusely which symptoms or states were

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metabolism of the body as sugar. Physiologists tell

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cal as in a pathological point of view. The left arm and leg

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so that the joint has become functionally useless or the same

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with encysted collection of fluid are those reported by Bernutz

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improbabilities that are put forward as if they were actual

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