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in the perineal region. Then with a large splinter forceps I

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only in very acute cases where there is a very urgent indication

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characters of our author as the French critic Taine

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under the commanding general with thc general conduct and

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Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift Centralblatt fur die Medizinischen

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be an old fracture of the cervix with shortening and deformity.

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development of the disease no ulceration is found near the anus nor at

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Goldschmidt multiple allelomorphs which in our experiments seem to

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exposed looking like layers of false membrane. In other words the histo

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number secondary closure is undertaken with success.

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creased number of polymorphonuclear leucocytes and the eosin

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monia from lobar pneumonia in eases of the acute pseudo

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febrile symptom natrum mur. high may be followed by sepia

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secondary infection by the coli bacillus. Pulmonary complications some

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after happiness leads to a universal stimulation which

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legs attached to the thorax these legs end in strong

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toms of paralysis of the cervical sympathetic or its spinal

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stance have been made hopelessly blind by the use of

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On examination patient was found not to have changed much since

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be mistaken for the ulcerated aperture of disease whether depend

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Fatty degeneration leading to the formation of necrotic atheromatous

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large enough to extend down upon the body of the stomach.

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We are requested by Mr. P. Cunliffe Owen to state that the Con

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the steamboats and railways in Canada and the United States that the

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the position and regulation of latrines and slaughtering places

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tarsi nei casi jirevisti dal regolaniento di polizia sanitaria.

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symptoms resemble those of an ordinary cold while the

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about the orifice of the nasofrontal duct causes a temporary closure

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