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affected. Other muscles especially those of the forearm shoulder girdle

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disease and to produce a higher state resembling hectic. The

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whence the purulent matter is derived. In the first modification

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day of eruption and the decline commences on the fifth or sixth.

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absurd custom of injecting disinfectants into the pleural

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CEdema is apt to occur in connection with dilated veins if the impediment

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cattle and horses having died from pleuro pneumonia.

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digestion in the commencement of his stay here. This

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the action of inimite quantities of syphilis toxin on highly sensitised

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assistance in promoting the common object. The subject is one on

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occasions lymphadenitis and polyadenitis. These are all characteristics suf

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the latter in order to avoid threatened hemorrhage he had

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such thorough and up to date education as will qualify them to

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that some parts of the internal structure are in Uke manner

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ference had been practised. A similar operation was performed and resulted

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frequency with which the appendix was removed simply

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seen that a lesion extensive enough to cause both sensory and

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examination of the superficial parts and more forcibly for parts more

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reputable veterinary college ami the graduate lt gt t tin reputable vet

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The right femur greatly thickened is curved outward in the upper

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their efficiency are not founded on rational views of

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However now and then we meet a kidney which gives precipitat

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that we can still cordially recommend it as a valuable addition to the

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the disease might certainly terminate in disorganization of the

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Sarah R. a servant aged of rather florid complexion

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removed. He wasallowed to rest a few minutes prepara

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are the bladder rectum and the male and female organs of

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be rash to underestimate the action of the environ

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