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began treatment by means of the double inclined plane. Coaptation

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increased quantity of carbonic acid and the diminution of the quantity

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portant addition to our means of treating heart cases.

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surgery we have not got beyond the preparator stage of

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twisted strands as thick as a finger and occasionally the uterus

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Wart. A wart is a type of papillae of the deeper layer of

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As specific preventives to fever and ague there have

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Finally only extraordinary influences are capable of again exciting

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whether the animal virus affords greater protection against smallpox than the

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spite the fact that the.r ray was not a dependal le

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find that in the aggregate these children do not thrive

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period as possible. From experiments on animals the immune

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Shortly afterwards swallowing became almost impossible and

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no question of the direct causal relation of traumatic neurosis and

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number of bacteria deposited in the same tissue of the normal. The

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muth either as subgallate or subnitrate has proven most serviceable. It

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inoculate for small pox and in March they went there

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did not complain of pain tympanites or symptoms other than the

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when smallpox was present in the port in the s. The

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officers for manning division or base hospitals and also

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in sweetened water three or four times a day is beneficial.

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sician. The frontalis muscle the popliteus the two muscles

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each of which consists of a phosphoric acid molecule plus a micleoside y

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acceptance of articles of this kind from stores or inhabi

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spoke of the limited character of the ulceration or erosion

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per cent were of the frontal bone per cent were of the parietal

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