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peculiar to the different specific fevers are referred to the reaction in the

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and concurred in the necessity for an operation. Accordingly the

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one hand and holding a tea kettle filled with beans in the

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Varicose inguinal glands follow a varicose state of the su

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lining membrane examined by a magnifying glass presented

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rendered them innocuous. He then filtered cultures of

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The diet is essentially pf first consideration and though

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liquid extract are given in diarrhoea and dysentery and to

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Histology by Dr. Bennett medical jurisprudence by Dr.

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postero superior region of the thigh hyposesthesia of the penis and of the

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To call a chorea hysterical in the absence of rheumatic fever is nonsense.

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The number of dippings supervised was a decrease of

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ing case is an example. There can however be no hesitatioB.

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masses are recognizable on the inner surface which as a rule

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under ten years six between ten and twenty and one a deli

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In one spot there was pigmental staining which under the micro

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distinctive micro organism. Further observations however with a view

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