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the coccus butyricus. That it does infect the epidermis seems to
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Women Physicians among the Musselmen. Three Russian
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It is evident from their histological structure that these masses are
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cholecystitis colitis skin infections emotional strain
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familiar with current surgical literature could only infer that some
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occipital crest relatively to the horn cores the arcuated intercornual
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ardcles which undergo putrefaction are less humid. In this
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also to revoke or refuse license for unprofessional dis
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child s head than the bilateral section that in the next
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Rangers wounded at Harrisburg July th aged compound
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from this standpoint are favorable to the use of silver wire.
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amongst the still born in the two sexes hence also the greater mortality
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may be advised by the doctor. Some of the patent foods are unfit
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tion are shown in Table I On December th the temperature had
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of morphine. The diet should be light and nourishing and all exposure to
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sisting powers all the factors indeed which went to
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pressure we now saw only the short straight posterior wall
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Pathology. The sclerotic tissue occurs especially in the white
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varying from several months to a year or more each new attack is

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