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not confined to the track it rudely makes through the limb the

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found that these compounds possess well marked bactericidal prop

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bate followed over the question of whether there should

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dealer in New York into the hands of the oonipan cooks in Cuba.

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of his then positions untenable yet it has only proved defect

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wall with both hands and pushes it toward the symphy

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in the more latent forms lead poisoning overwork more par

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ges do not take place when the ovaries are extirpa

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FIGURE. Duration of complete remission as affected by immunophen


exciting causes of chorea fright and sudden shock are the

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the same results are not seen for when thej are divided in

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common for the same reason in carcinoma tuberculosis paralysis chronic

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ease with which they are affected and this we will now consider.

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contagious influences. The weight of evidence is in favour

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gets slower and slower. At last the circulation completely stops. If at

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of undetermined causation most of them probably typhoid fever of

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be removed witli the least possible danger l age quotes

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blood in immune sera is brought al Out in a manner en

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has hailed this therapeutic measure. At the present

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presence of blood or mucus a very low percentage if the records are

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the external auditory canal as impacted cerumen accumulation

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the Cattle Commission unsatisfactory and that per cent

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Chauveau failed entirely to infect calves by superficial scarifications and

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guinea pigs with the milk samples and test the colostral serum for

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pends the progress of consumption which seems to go on faster after

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The last symptoms disappeared during the following days. On the

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its office. Its curvatures and the inequality of its diameters add

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bicycle for women. The ill effects result from two faults too

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sence of the visiters after the infliction of the wound with

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mercial atropine is a mixture of atropine and hyoscy

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Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania Visiting Physician to the

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arranged in four chapters Some Points in the Physiology

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August th. Ho had disease of the right knee joint of fifteen

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hydrocele fluid first to get the crude culture en masse and

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unit for the treatment of advanced periodontal disease

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every labour in view of the possibility of a contingency such as he

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