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and dysuria are marked in proportion to the degree of the obstruction

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founded for the practice being the ground of action no ac

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be alike. For each one there is a daily dose which does

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Every animal has a physiological and pathological history more or

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drugs until salivation occurred. While under this treat

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trator than with chloroform in the hands of a skilled aniristhetist.

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Gen. Wotherspoon These veterinarians do a great deal of meat inspec

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nerally aflbciate with agreeable ideas as the whift

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ther augmentation of the virus whence the latter is

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subject of an exhaustive discussion at the DubHn meeting of the

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reported that the patient had had severe and quite regular

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moval of these glands is rapidly followed by death.

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rough method but when the sense of increased heat is very notable

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much more dangerous than dry heat hence sunstroke is rare in a dry

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directed attention to this fact. The cartilage is commonly in

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all our own members who were written to the number would

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tnm tlw Xjujtai. Dr. Morell Mackenzie On the results of Thyrotomy for

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Copper and Gold Mines Company at Durgy K. C for their

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mine represents fairly well the activity of the drug

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and with scarcely an exception as in the patient I have jbst

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the views of the surgeon. Some maintain that every case of

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treatment the ear usually returns to normal in two to three

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disposition to carcinoma be present the cyst would be a

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kind. He pointed out that infantile cerebral palsy did

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Though considerable amounts of indican were observed in all cases

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