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curious coincidence that this child should have come to

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A description card Army Form B. will be sewn into the

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who suppose all knowledge to become stationary at the

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ducted the Argus for the exposure of what he deemed abuses.

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tite with food reduction soon presents the varied picture

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the first and was treated in like manner and resulted as favor

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Amitriptyline In manic depressive psychosis depressed patients may experi

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Absence of all proteids beef and egg and presence of consid

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would not infect nor the tears perhaps the mucous difcharge

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employed no medicine no local application diminished the

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man knows how the greatest embr rologist of the century

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size. To prove the utility of these rings he performed two experi

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ache but there are mental torpor and dulness. The face looks heavy the

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gynecologists are of the opinion that the operation is carried to an

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sion of the sac into the abdominal cavity by the differ

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the muscles directly affected the loss of the normal

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of mortality in operation of simple goitres and the

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the liquor thus given to the embryo is exceedingly thick in comparifon with

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amination in the shape of excoriations merely consisting in

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about one degree this fall took place about an hour

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of the poor workman and we should be careful not to place

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a little boracic acid is a very effective protection.

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flourished whereas those nursed by the sick mother speedily died of

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of blood showed that hyperglykemia persisted without

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lated to other infections like pertussis enteritis

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use is prophylactic as well as curative in intermittent fever

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ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Innovative and expanding Family Practice Residency

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to Maternity Hospital Obstetrician to New York Infant

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a radical cure wholly failed. The integuments over the hernia had become

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The account of the general anatomy of the orbit is. excellent

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chemical examination of the urine or any estimation of the blood

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Silverware to Brighten with Little Labor. When it is desirable to

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