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sixty nine ounces of fluid were removed. It had all

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moste humbly beseche your worships for God s sake and as

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extension of their fields of instruction taken the new

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feather or camel s hair brush of a ten per cent oint

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Boggess J. S. Assistant Surgeon Bureau letter of March

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in a phthisical subject cerebral accidents supervene unexpectedly.

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total number forty seven. This known as the New Com

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the latter portion of birth in these cases is practically

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the Purkinje fibres in animals contain large quantities of glycogen. In

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the routine removal of both pectoral muscles and of a thorough

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is Add a little dilute nitric acid to the urine evaporate to

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various chalybeate waters and preparations of iron of

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age nor an effectual toilet of the peritouEeum could be

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during the second hour of the forenoon thence it fell

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sympathetic give paralytic myosis as a matter of course. My

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of our pre retirement counselling activities we worked closely with the

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There is however a lack of agreemenl regarding the relation of the

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sion because the functional results were bad and as

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forward by an assistant until four sutures are inserted by a curved

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nitrogen. The development of uremic symptoms steadily prog

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tion of the disease was notably shortened and its whole course ren

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surgery. It has been customary to carry these severe fracture cases to

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reports a similar experience he inoculated a spindle cell sarcoma into

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Accordingly I addressed a circular letter to about sugar

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ably they are always secondary to the submucous miliary abscesses. The

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knowing oui attitude toward the same we feel sure no more allusion

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the remaining exudate would seem to require was given.

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by an unnatural or morbid condition and by phenomena which

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the elasticity of the yellow fibrous tissue. This illustra

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was very limited. In the discussion that followed the pre

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