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not such as mechanically to stop the tran sit ot food.
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times and has had fifty one children. As this man s
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relates his experience in one of the hospitals of Singapore
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the knee jerks are pronouncedly exaggerated. The muscular
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lungs whence difficult refpiration and with thefe the weak
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They can be removed on tlie eighth to the tenth day. No special
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may with certainty be eliminated from the possible causes of the
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tient walked over two miles to the infirmary where he was
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hereinafter stated combined w r ith liberal injections
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be exceedingly nice to us. They come from England Ireland Scotland
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occur before statistics can be of any great diagnostic
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myfelf by an improvement of this obfervation for having diffolved fome
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Charles M. Clarke in was examined. This preparation was
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dent elect Dr. Joseph P. Logan to the chair which being done he
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and outside Parliament. Candidates at elections are heckled over it bully
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ticularly to be observed in the case of many diabetica
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however likely to be more marked in cases of appendicitis.
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author s ideas while a short practical paper which I trust you
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confined to a particular mine and not only so but to a particular
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cer cardiac and hepatic affections and with somewhat larger latitude in
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daubed all over and around sutures and along line of origi
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that he was at the bottom of it. p Hamidi confessed
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develop. While syphilis is not so fatal to life as tuberculosis it is
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bright and sparkling and comes with satisfactory pres
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man was quite quiet at times and that he knew before
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contract the disease. This probably occurs more frequently than we
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enters the system and brings it under the action of mercury.
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In the paper the term infant was restricted to those
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sults in twenty cases of pellagra treated by transfusion of
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before they are admitted to another hospital with an
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During the attack there is usually marked tenderness in
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disease after unpacking and handling clothes that have been worn by
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pipe of the syringe may be bent or broken from the sock
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and kept in place by a light handkerchief bandage. The
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faint operations upon them. But we fhall judge otherwife from con
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the exudation process they reach to nearly half more than their normal

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