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type of torticollis an experience confined perhaps to two or three cases.
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able peculiarity namely a great tolerance towards C in the inspired
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combination and therefore there is reason for suspecting
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in the pancreatic area may be determined in some cases. Pro
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pre existing derangements the prognosis depends almost exclusively upon
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action in causing disturbances of hearing and vision..
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features so that the eyelids are swollen and closed and the patient
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w hich will be opened about the middle of March. The
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feelings in the cardiac region are the most common symptoms. The slightest
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posterior part of the fourth ventridei It is eellulo flbrillar and
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Wagner Dalton Lusanna and Renzi in their experiments on
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fell aslee and passed a quiet night. No more convul
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up of cells an important fact derived directly from
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lie fully confirms what I have done. He ingeniously suggests
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Galen was. Paulus Egineta who is described as the last
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Rheumatism give tonics nux vomica gentian etc. and digestible food.
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Sur jeon to Out pa ients Manaachusttts General Hospital Visiting
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sionary for six or eight years and could speak the Chinese lan
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have been long in Labour and exposed to Septic Infection.
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severity. Aortic stenosis is a comparatively rare lesion most commonly met
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land for each mile of road. This treaty was confirmed by the United
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treated with ligroin until the initial turbidity barely disappeared.
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Council of Great Britain has directed the publication
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Diagrams have been prepared indicating these differences one
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The heart action was weak and irregular and the vessels
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cricoid to the suprasternal notch and thence was con
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the heat of the entire bod became increased may now
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Thought and action flow along the lines of least resistance.
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opinion is shared in general by de Bary and Fischer emphasizes that
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the wound making gentle pressure on the eye and inclining
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general appearance as the one which had been removed. Several
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to be positive. The following table gives data regarding these posi
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When the natives of the Weft Indies fays Labat undertake a voyage they
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had obtained good results from the administration of
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and any departure from complete consciousness must be due
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physicians who come in contact with such cases should strive if pos
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of an acid to which was ultimately given the name of prussic
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