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by weakening the myocardium but the greater part of

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mittance is by bank check or postal money order drawn to the

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scabs which fall off with intolerable itching later. Mucous membrane

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one. Strouse reaches a similar conclusion. Eggers obtained by the plate method

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stellate. and much larger than the wound of entrance.

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bathing tlie parts with water la which borax has been dissolved or with

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tendency to any disturbance of motility of the stomach. The appetite and

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Souvenirs relatifs il Lajuriec par son ancien dleve A. Toul

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eases is not well detailed. Bacilli are mentioned as prob

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tions. There was one difficulty in the way of early diag

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successes were heralded near and far was evidence that

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in water codeia bismuth with three or four drops of

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surgery itself might be chosen to illustrate the fact. How is it

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mortality is not necessarily great but that the ad

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thetic ophthalmia. It is of great practical importance that the

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comfortable a position as possible and let him rest. The

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ful information of particular importance to the doctor den

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as between the iris and the retina. The air which fills the tympanum

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associated with flattening of the epithelial cells and a decrease in the

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or five days of the disease the symptoms namely stridu

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be removed for a short time from the library building.

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cultures. The infection seemed to be a mild one and

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sidered that the trouble was syphiUtic and prescribed accordingly daily inunction of

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occurrence and the proportion of cases in the households bore an ex

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death rate and the general health of the city. The health

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but has extended to Europe particularly with the advanced

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giant cells the first of which are probably directly

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I was already familiar with the conditions in my home

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