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being connected to a telephone receiver by insulated
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owing to its property of hardening nerve tissue but in the
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excellent repose to day too he feels as well as in his healthy
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their success First the activity of a leader who is
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received diets consisting in large part of carbohydrates
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afcent of air ihro ugh it but there muit have been alternately a
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The symptoms of the disease consist of peculiar worm like movements
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have a further proof of this cutaneous absorption of oil
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fever and results mainly from defective drainage. Xow the
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jured in the crowd of this number however only sixty
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the supervision of the chief of the otolaryngologic section in each hospital and
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displaced. There are thousands of dentures otherwise all that
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testing of the prostatic urethra with instruments. The
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hands of the writer it was decided to make a test of
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some puerperal cases in King s College Hospital he took to
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though the amounts were always much smaller than oc
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cold tub it would be almost a national disaster if he
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amount of the eclamptic toxin which is causing the convulsions
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digitalis and does not pretend to maintain that this plant can
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notions on dietetics are little better than a farrago of whims
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other eruptive fevers whether it be the consequence of
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ment and diminished action was that it is a part of the
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lu one case the combined uriue gave a normal reading.
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it in the East and in another paper discussed tlie relationship
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The splendid work he performed in these hospitals during the
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body. In many cases a course of tuberculin has had the
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by sea water at least twice at each disinfection of a
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construction materials. In the Pacific the oil drum in its many guises
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less. It is important in order to avoid certm ihj a false
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might give rise to other compounds possessing very I
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in milk soup and mutton chops is prescribed. From the fifteenth
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which in the caudal portion are twisted into irregular whorls
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seemed to me the clot on the placenta. That clot had
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by Demme. A girl developed caseous retromaxillary glands and tuber
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to be opened and he resolved to take other advice. In
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tions are most thorough but exhaustingly slow. During the year
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studied. The theory of an hysterical neurosis may in this connection
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Chronic ulcerative phthisis is the most common form.
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case is severe the rash often.increases and becomes more hemorrhagic
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mortified bone eleven centimetres in length. The patient

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