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There were about presentations including the following members
very tedious form of illness the recovery from which is
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the workmen in the mines of Idria. In the same way he
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conclusively that we are not alone in the high estima
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resent an effort to bring the most important facts and events com
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The author has prescribed a combination of phenolphthalein and
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to sixty of oleum amygdalae. Equal parts of powdered alum and sugar
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As the disease progresses anemia becomes a marked feature. The
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the following principles of treatment may be of service in ap
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mittee favoring the organization of a cremation associa
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Possessed of a feeble constitution he was poorly fitted for the
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the bulbous portion of the urethra about half an inch
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take 3 anacin 3
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opacities and gives a record of seventeen operations performed by himself.
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has been claimed to be almost harmless by several observers. On the
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During the next two months the disease made rapid progress and as the
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nocere and surely the boy could not be any the worse for the
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resistance to traction than would a small adhesion and as pulsation
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would occupy more space than we have at our disposal and we
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upon the right eye of no serious character. Vision after it was quite
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with artificial respiration. It is therefore important to have recourse
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materially injured valuable clinical advantages are
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ever contained zoogloea masses composed of cocci and short bacilli
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have just published Hints Towards Physical Perfection or
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light a normally green plant when grown in darkness as is
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injection from going backward too far. He deplores astringents and
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To one who has watched the general character of the
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e.xhibited a simple and efficient instrument of this kind.
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moderate improvement and the third complete recovery while in the
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Head. After nerve resection for neuralgia bone pegs may be
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requested to prepare a report and present it at the following
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Sutherland James Stanley s a w sp Tacoma Washington.
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it was and perhaps it was but alas the awaking was terrible
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observed in some cases of peritonitis of simple carcinoma of
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nothing of the fifty year ago averages which used to
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the Medical School of Maine with an annusd course of
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ciples of evolution to religion considered as illus
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of crjnng of the living child it recovered sufficient power to
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and the warm blooded muscle is cooled and it constitutes a real
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The first change is syphilitic the second is a sequela of

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