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of Hygiene and now collected under the title of Studies in

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tening is secured and the better final results obtained.

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A distended bladder will not be suspected after a catheter has

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Brathwait of Champaign on a cow which had died the preceding night

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linois Department of Law Enforcement Division of Criminal Investigations

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ated with appendicitis. He speaks of those cases in which at

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jections there is a very marked rise of the antibody

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Hodge pessary which is too little understood by prac

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from the incubation of excised segments of jejunum in the thermostat.

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the laity is altogether ousted from pharmacy. Oxalic acid

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to the extensive lesions that existed and which in reality involved

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most part to that period when only the influence of alcohol upon

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tative functions of the body in disease. Excessive pro

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sicians specially devoted to mental diseases. I accept but never

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Branch C oimcils and if necessary out of further monies

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conducted under the direction of a non resident teacher

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quently occurs in soil sewage dust grasses the intestinal contents of

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may become extreme so that the patient emaciates rapidly. Eegurgitation

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of all kinds inasmuch as the patient may counterfeit those

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ment. While itwasconsidered an inscrutable malady requiring recondite

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hydrated chloral opium and morphine seem to be ineffectual. In the later

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false membrane becomes cellular membrane as I mentioned before

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a complete nervous apparatus in itself and also to the

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themselves the bleeding being easily controlled by tightening

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