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of admissions to the Sanitary Hospital and the willingness of

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poor horse with twenty toothaches compressed into one agony.


the result of excessive work. Like the condition of congestion of the

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infected wounds but I must insist that the final cure

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the operation be longer protracted it will be necessary to repeat the

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the highest possibilities of the animal the greater the increase of

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imder the influence of chloroform. The tourniquet was removed

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was much thickened aud vascidar but with my toothed forceps

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seventy per cent of peptic ulcers are found on the duodenal side of

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sieve and also from the incised wall of the stomach. There was diffuse

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cleansing the stomach and bowels preparing them for the absorption

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Comnnmicnf ions are to be addressed to Drs. Freseuins and

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of fine elastic flannel. Dauter s plan of using cold water

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serum of immunised animals any protective matter against

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before milking. The milk must be at once thoroughly cooled

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under treatment and as the disease shows the tendency to be

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available information regarding the factors concerned in the mechan

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their body surface. The gas exchange of patients with hyper

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of these five cases gave evidence of approaching segmentation exhibit

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pression of the circulation and function of innervation accounts for

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normal person so treated will give only an index of

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trunks bleaching in the sun and tumbling in ruins before every

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usual practice of the present day. The section on the ati ections

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buffer mixtures the j solution should be calculated accordingly.

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tures. Thus osteoma of the intenial orbital wall may encroach upon

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toration long established. Haemorrhage and Inflammation are

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right abdominal reflex active sense of vibration absent over legs

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as a Nerve Tonic and Vital lie constructor it is what

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time the abdominal pad is applied the electrodes should be connected to

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and occasion gout. Uric acid may be deposited in the

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firmed by so able a surgeon as Dollinger of Buda Pest and with

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