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conscious and complained of giddiness. The pulse and temperature fell.

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aconitine. An animal wh.ich had taken a dose of strychnia

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From this period I saw nothing of the patient for live

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their way to the normal life of the million. The grand ideal results

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management be expected until the pathological factor

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effects and action of remedies and will be of service

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that its whole upper and anterior border may lie beyond the free

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ciety should have been held in that city. Elaborate exer

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ture science and arts had the privilege of attending lectures

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Growth translucent and of sticky consistency. No odor as a

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limited to these muscles and it is then distinguished as triamns. The jaws

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conditions consists of stimulants to overcome the weakened

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atic examinations oi the urine whereby we may detect the first evidences of

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from Dr. Osier who has helped build up a large and most excellent

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models and are accompanied by dose dependent decreases in sys

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produces its pigment most abundantly at a moderate temperature

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They had thus been instrumental in equipping and advanc

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small accessory palatine canals which open above the

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ease in young children. He advised putting them on a

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tion of this sensible mode of treating pulmonary tubercu

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opposite lung drawn over and the chest wall drawn in. This

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treatment though he gives many precise practical direc

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du membre infi rieur droit thermo anesthfeie croisee du

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because they aid in bringing the rays of light together at the

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first foundation of this Association assisted over a

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become indurated is paler than usual. It does not follow because

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