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remain viable for more than days. These observations cast consider

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tn dosage it is rare that any useful effect follows a

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Runeberg s method is to be preferred. By employing light percassiQ

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nance the idea that vegetation is affected by folar gravitation as

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muscles of mastication. T ther with this complicated articular in

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stupor. There may be chills and fever malaise backache pains in the

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bandage on the belly lo that it can be tightened or relaxed with

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ployment of the method. For the present it should be

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formation of the chest in severe cases of lateral curvature

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of her right hand with lint dip it in the typhoid mouth wash

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I believe that opium is lieneficial from the fact that it

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air contained in the pleural sac that it is diffused among the adjacent

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on war incurred injuries and neuroses. Marriage distinguished between

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The poison may be detected after death in any of its tissues and

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them will sleep soundly on a dose of opium or codeia

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understanding influence of drug therapy in changing laboratory test values.

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become strong and dense and marked by vertical ridges indicating

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conveyed. The reason for using glycerine veal broth in the

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the gangrenous cavities and the bronchi. On several occasions I have found

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was far less chance of infection owing to tlie lessened

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certain vegetable seeds especially if they were germinating for instance in

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not jumped and the crew of three. The airborne surgical team without its

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showing the same beneficial action of disease. The abrupt

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and do not ordinarily present a real problem in diagnosis. Furthermore

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cating factors. First was the lack of agreement among military leaders them

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child would be dead. The child made an uninterrupted recovery

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or adult against massive or frequent infections housing condi

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are not young and in a plastic condition. In tubercu

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