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Milk lias been sometimes used as a soothing lotion in

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determined in both instances. JIoreover these cases are

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irrigated for some time with a Vi per cent carbolic acid solu

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rima glottidis tumefied and inflamed epiglottis erect and almost

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the outer border of the tumor. Later the needle was used on

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bones and still more the long bones and the ribs often show

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his course without some knowledge of ophthalmology and

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ing quite sufficient to allow a free passage to the largest crystal

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d eneration of the walls of the large arteries suffices to explain the

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on is determined by MuUer s method. The patient is examined

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It is fortunate and the wrde spread use of these pigments seems to

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abruptly rounded off head and to the hook terminated

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of a posterior root three spots usually exist at which the branches come

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in the scrotum about the size of a pigeon s egg pres

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