centres and should not be affected in hysteria. Hoover s observation


less so was his modesty. He was the most unassuming of men.


but it must be remembered that as the temperature falls and the

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and especially shoidd we not leave the dose to their

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practical value it is not invidious to select for special reference the


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each movement was. When I flex the thigh above the thorax and the

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thematous maculopapular rash which may be generalized

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and across the petrous portion of the temporal bone. At this

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soon soften and fluctuate in their centre in the same way as

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The suppurating corn may start up from either of the others receiving

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they have furnished a very handsome descriptive pamphlet

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autumn of. The implication of the ice in this instance rests upon

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reasons that are evident. There is no morbid anatomy therefore

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treatment of epilepsy had lately received another serious

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normal in all points except the globulin. In such in

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as they bring the wrong treatment to the individual case.

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The author finds that the number of red corpuscles either falls steadily

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really existed. He called attention to the diagnostic points

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study since from a practical standpoint it might offer im

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ment. It has become classical to treat the pain of a neuralgia by

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nerve points and thrills or soothes according to its nature.

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lessness f ll W Hl by conditions of anxiety and hallucinations and

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haps not thought of at all and farther difcoveries will enable us to

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At presenl the description and location of her exostosis are as follows Eight

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although they may be useful in later stages or in less active attacks.

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in later life the alcoholic addiction and to be very

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tendency to widen the scope of elective Caesarean operations. In

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titis from which almost every one of the soldiers suffered

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of lair intelligence and skill be deprived of nearly all its

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Stewart Chairman Prof. M Call Anderson Mr Joseph Bell Mr

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constituents of an infant s food. The answer must be if chemical

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renal capsule could he stripped off between the kidney and

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ances in the associated movements of the eyes i. e. a pure conjugate

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arthritis we may continue to believe that it depends

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the outer pillar cells which gives rise to both the phalanx process

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teasing and on this day distinct purulent matter began to

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Nervous diarrhoeas are best treated with remedies directed to the general

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Medicine who receives is appointed for twelve months. He is

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Jones secretary. Jones was a talented Welsh lawyer who had been in

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these cases the disease may assume a very serious form. The

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