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lution of the same parasite the oscillaria malaria the
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JVopcrhes. Carminative stimulant in large doses narcotic producing effects
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A Treatise on Diseases op the Nervous System. By William A.
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the cerebrospinal system as a later development of the
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food. Her diet consists of broth eggs milk bread and butter
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because of a gastroenteritis. In making the routine ex
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rubbed off. She vomited twice before she died. She said
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physician should not wait until he found them. They
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the urine. One patient was attacked with typhoid like
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in pathological exudates. Excellent satellite cultures of the influenza
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be carried out in thirty minutes requires four sets
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the varieties with oblique strap and pad in addition
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siderable edema fluid in the chest pulsating veins and
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binder is unpinned a window cut in the adhesive strips
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cells in that centre occurs the nerve influence passes down from the
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be determined by the result of the examinations in these subjects only.
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We put about two ounces of rain water carefully diftillM into a
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irrigated with hot bichloride solution and packed with
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abdominal muscles and in addition it is probable that a normal condition
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racter and is covered with healihy granulations her mouth feels
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ANDREW GEORGE SMITH Assistant Professor of Microbiology.
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scess perforates internally it may be through a very small
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tunately for some fifteen or twenty years he failed to
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cantharides used cautiously act in the same manner.
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precisely as similar manifestations are interpreted in the lower
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all sorts and conditions of men of the inherent possi

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