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ality as entertainment. The author has certainly given

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pleasure through the courtesy of Dr. Bainbridge of at

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forms. In the former the disease was hereditary and familial not

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Mr. Gordon s account who though not the smallest blame was

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very striking feature in its character. According to Louis and

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The anatomist who studies the nerves with a view to ascertain their

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evidence alone. Nor was it any an.swer to say that the

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in the portal areas of the liver also the portal vein or

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degeneration of the hepatic cells. Bile stasis due to a plugging up

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niably know something of dentistry but have little or

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ment is so well adapted to support the tone of the body without

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July. Appetite good mind easy gain in weight and strength.

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different results obtained by such observers as Yernois

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with the history and distribution and the epidemiology of


I prefer to extend the incisions in the direction already made rather

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corpuscles are composed of water. Hence to obtain the relation

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had been vised by the person for whom it was ordered and

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spite of the greatest care and gentleness in the use of the sound.

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quitoes. Agramonte studied an epidemic in Habana which was ac

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sacs and lungs of a jay a mould the first recorded case of

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pxcite this tumour I stro igly pointed out the very great

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Blood The anemia of platelet deficient dogs was foand to be aggravated

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exercise following another without intermission and

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ulated circumvolutions of the intestines where already slight

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into complete coma. Optic neuritis is not uncommon and as gummatous

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from the papillae of the skin into the deeper structures.

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gans. The plan adopted is an admirable one. The chap

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And so the statement may be truthfully made that a thor

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splenic pain tenderness and tumor. These are frequently ob

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a polynuclear leucocytosis. Certain facts tend to show moreover that

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tinue and should he make water it will be red and bloody

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besides an energetic struggle against the causes of

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been dropped back into the peritoneal cavity. Mr. Doran

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disease may be observed but it is not rare for the disease to

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fication I found after a few courses the sloughing began to de

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His father was an eccentric physician with a large prac

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founded on sufficient facts. When the author says It can

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urine excreted from the two sides showed marked variations. In the

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