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year and the amount of all other property belonging to

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closed condition of the nose they must be fed by the

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as turning over in bed or attempting to take food.

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moderately numerous and in two there were no colonies of bac

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sulted them they had best become strict specialists and devote them

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from the stomach. Einhorn advised the further use of weak solutions of

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Marot et Jean La Fontaine. La dignity la noblesse de ton

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muscular power more interfered with than in this. In scrofula tuber

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The epidemics of miliary fever are often preceded or accompanied by

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abandoned. A similar etiology is being agitated for beri

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the hospital before the complete cure of this double facial paralysis.

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I will take occasion from this circumstance to caution you

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sufficient to maintain physical comfort liters the concentration of the urine

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is despaired of the surgeon prefers to postpone operation until the

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SHEEP belong to that class of animals called Rumin

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agglutinating in dilutions of and should be regarded as

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available recorded cases Dr. Marks and I could only find sixteen undoubted

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in the outset and in its ultimate results from that which is observed

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accommodation partial paralysis of the hind legs dragging of the

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We have also received from W. Wood amp Co. through Copp

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Portugal Japan China Austria and Great Britain. The next

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mation. In such cases recent tubercles can be found at the

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Mr. Longe Inspector of the Local Government Board for a wide dis

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sweetish odor later stinking. Discolored greyish brown tena

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tion had commenced in the child s body I could not succeed

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months previous and up to the time of his infection

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the tonsillar functions some of them fanciful others

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Bell s paralysis was produced and profuse otorrhoea existed

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there such a thing as spontaneous gleet Yes it is a catarrh

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privately to interrogate the wife on the subject if lues is

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Poisoned by Toadstools. Three deaths occurred recently

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caution in patients with impaired renal or hepatic function. In sub

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in adjustment efficient in action and easy of manipu

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The plate shows dilatation of the pelvis of the ureter ending

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with a complete review of each case were made once weekly and occupied

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pus. Great relief followed however fifteen days later the pleural

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nostrils fell upon this abrasion. The same night the finger

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Methods of Examination and General Therapeutics the subse

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of the compressed gas and this obviates the need of any bellows

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