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affected and there is neither headache nor digestive disturbance. In

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thirty mmuttt and after each there is a period of free

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cancer of the intestine occurs as cylindrical celled epitheUoma more rarely

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A careful selection was made among the cases presented for study since

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greater effects. Dr. Bloomfield tells me that the patient shown

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as described in DHEW proposals might far outweigh the expected benefits

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an advantageous procedure he removes the whole of the upper

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tology and Embryology. For eleven years he served as Head of

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labels of their products the names and quantities of

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ghetti rich stews blackberries and excess of sugar candy pastry

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resemble a chestnut or the cervix uteri while the arytenoids form large

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invitation to any members of the American Veterinary Medical

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in the retention of heat surface that counts in its loss.

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about a sixteenth of an inch not uniform some patches very dense

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four hours increases gradually during lactation from oz. at the

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that excessive damage or deterioration may have occurred but

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stomach completely across and closing both ends blindly after which a

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three men and two lads one under age and made his sons

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frequent cessations as though it were on the point of re s

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week previous. The operation was undertaken as a dernier ressort at

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gatives. If the intoxication is of a more chronic character the symptoms

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ever that may be Bituated In reporting to places of

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remaining cases there was diffuse peritonitis so that

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inguinal engorgement might as well be claimed by the

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definite to guide me I incised the mass which was three inches thick

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pyretic. Dose same as for acetanilid. Lactophenin and sali

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After ten carbonated brine baths which were given in groups of three

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