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after a short time in church the day is spent in dancing and
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A photograph Fig. of the specimen I emoved post mortem is
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Left hemiplegia. Right pupil dilated and did not respond to light. Twenty
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ticularly noticeable in their treatment of the sick but
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the hip shortening of the limb flexion of the knee and inver
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digestion. He recovered in a short time upon a nitro
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secretions a yellowish tint. Our own experience woidd
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the accidental study of a biliary calculus by the x ray
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intelligent mothers will expel it fivn their houses.
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alcohol to the mixture prevents their explosive action
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oftener seen than constipation coating of the tongue
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whether the coraco clavicular ligaments are ruptured also a
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may return to the normal standard or there may lie some
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are from both the sacral and the lumbar plexuses the
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Under the influence of these hysterical epidemics of

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