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been dried. Antitoxin injected subcutaneously eight hours later.
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due to the introduction of antitoxin which fact is well
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perforation of that viscus. As the patient grew worse
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tion of cases after suppuration has commenced excision
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We are fully aware that we have assumed great responsibilities
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Examination revealed a complete eversion of the vagina its surface
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two years and the same effect will be produced by five
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with Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus has been favorably
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of face. Irrigation of warm solution of borax ordered
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physicians say that they have met with such patients
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of Oxford University proposes to confer on Dr. Wil
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mediately all the sensibilities are blunted the pulse
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latation an inflammation often supervenes and a sup
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fession felt uncertain as to the value of tuberculin. He
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club and in no instance was the physician forced to any
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the blood phosphorus for instance has no luemolytic action at all
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prevent abuse by commercial parties including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.
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to the tobacco only. lie had experimented upon Mr. Dale
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the difficulty arises of producing such a suppuration as will
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grounds that the Board of Guardians would not have done their
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The remedies to be compared are arnica calendula trilUum
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have rarely been reported on recommended doses use caution
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try their effect afresh and put her on a mixture containing
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linker is that it allows a chemical means by which to con
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Every student intending to become a doctor of medi
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or of alum ufed early in the difeafe muft be injurious as they
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operative interference with deaths and were followed
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vation since he has been in the Islands he was led to believe
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the temperature during this period being subnormal.
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the station designated after his name to take effect at such
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good work and developing along scientific lines. He be
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Cysts of retention developed from bile ducts and cysts apparently of nev
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chromidrosis lias been observed in paretic and hv sterical
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Plants perform the office of oxidation animals that of
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Nassau struck by yellow fever which was at that time raging
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that contagion occurs in vegetables as well as in animals and of
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patients and their friends. The question of legal re
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patient should be examined for eye symptoms speech defect dis
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not possible to decide whether the nephritis aud the

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