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and felicity. We appreciate to some extent the difficulties, the

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Now, we come to the treatment of syphilis. The treatment

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sensations; that an emotion can make him happy or unhappy;

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lapsed ; I think that their right has lapsed. A large number of medical men in the Province

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trol. Has walked to school regularly during past winter; walks

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Building maintenance . . . .... ...... ......... 4,000 00 4,000 00

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2. That any member of the Council presenting himself for election as the representative

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have been called upon twice within a year and have examined

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After the singing of the Gloria, Honorable John L. Bates,

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heralded and recently conquered territory is found to be still

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15,000 physicians endorsing a humbug. The Gazette does not

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dition we find that the daily output of urea is decreasing.

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ters of housing and the temporal welfare of these unfortunates but

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signed by Mr. Hart written from Munyon's establishment, and upon his notepaper.

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there is no subsequent telangiectasis or reaction. Deeper lesions require

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greeting and the "right hand of fellowship" by the president, and

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ered that almost nothing in the description as given could lead to

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Influenced by these ideas, about a year and a half ago we

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at least two of the most distressing symptoms of cancer were

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stone of the new hospital for the Women's Southern Homoeopathic Hospital

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land for a city garbage plant. As the remainder of the Island is already

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pecially, which has been accomplished of recent years, must even-

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ation proved that it accomplished some purpose. The most serious

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Surrounding the dark, homogeneous portion is an area of variable

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leave it in your hands to appoint three gentlemen from the Property Committee residing in

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The Registrar — He was appointed by by-law last year.

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take care to note, aside from the ordinary symptoms of over-eat-

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Dr. Armour — Is it not usual to make a charge for money invested ?

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nary books, in that it consists of a series of aphorisms and short

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chairman of the Porto Rican Civil Service Commission, San Juan, P. R. No

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Mr. Herbert A. Eccleston, and her address is now 38 Elm, St,. Southbridge,

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sponse. The method of preparation of vaccines will also sound