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known to produce arterial disease, does not seem to be more

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structure, such as the kidney, liver, and pancreas. In an interstitial nephritis the

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countered in the reagents are calcium and silicate.

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greatly retarded, by adding 1 gm of salicylic acid per liter to the

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identical whether employed in the diagnosis of virus diseases or

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here, very full criticisms having already been presented when

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extremely vigorous: 1 boy 3 per cent, overweight, normal in

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1.058, 1.064, and 1.070) one can measure whole blood gravities to

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spread is obvious. The contagium readily attaches itself to clothes,

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sary, except that vigorous exercise should be avoided

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At a time varying from the third to the seventh day the

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(a) For the 170 gram portions, a 1-liter volumetric flask, a

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transfused into another dog, does not produce diabetes. Others again

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d. Culture on EMB agar, blood agar (aerobic and anaerobic),

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ments of bacteria, and other factors. The incubation

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excess of one of the reagents to produce a visible change. Thus,

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end. Was seized at full term with slight hemorrhage, amounting

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which at the same time wiU produce a vaccine to which he will

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developed diabetes in September, 1919, at the age of twenty-

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only slight burning of the skin ; he, however, worked incessantly,

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Those who are practically interested in this rapidly developing

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the larynx, and in this study he appreciates the method of

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rounded by hemorrhagic exudate. There are small, gray-

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tories are to me instructive. Here are six cases, all acute, in

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cases, whether incurable or curable, that is, whether belonging

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and enjoy such an occasion. I met a lady, a patient, who had

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ence with the trituration of lycopodium, and has watched the effects

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ing of any one of our drugs upon a healthy person without

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organs. Hence micro-organisms may be transmitted, but they are not

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the back, incontinence or retention of urine, and eyes with pin-hole pupils.

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Complications and sequelse may almost be said not to exist. Jonathan

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phere, with clouds of dust rolling over the herd, and not a vestige

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. 12H 2 0) are dissolved in water and diluted to 1 liter.

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our law in this particular, by which the dying declarations of

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is under control. After that, the constant watchfulness of the

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in this species, and cause local necrosis and death in guinea pigs