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Dr. Lines came here, not only in the hard position of a

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jectiles to contusions, cracks, and fissures^ to fractures by contact,

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He is convinced that time saved in an operation is cou-

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Manhattan State Hospital; consulting alienist at Hackensack City

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chives of Ophthalmology," and supplemented, in its present

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I decided the case to be an attack of epilepsy, but committed

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intense, and appears a little less rapidly and not imme-

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nosis in Chronic Pulmonary Disease"; "Edward Livingston Trudeau,

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coats of the stomach and — what is more important — of the intestine, associated

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may not become clear with time ; or the blank may be total for

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being somewhat weak, as would naturally be expected. The

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entered Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, where he was

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But let us listen to Dr. Leven's wise remarks on the subject

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University, Kentucky. He was graduated there in 1839.

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is carried both over and under the lesion. This ligature

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ally while taking a two-year post-graduate medical course

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a right to a pension, belong the wounded who present :

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^Etiology and Pathology. — Osteomalacia does not, like rachitis, consist in

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his wife's name was Edith Sellstedt, daughter of the artist, Lars

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frequently used by, the students and practitioners of homce^

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differs from their own, are proceeded against with all the rigors

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fixed, the resulting oblique line gives the direction and the

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these were original defects of the constitution, which were, if

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being haunted by that grave, pathetic face, with the sternness

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compression localized on the wound, exerted either through

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for Non-Penetrating Intereranial Trauma" {Annuls of Surg., Vol.

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nervous system, promotes expectoration, and, according to Rud-

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of the extremities was so extreme that one could bend the limbs at will, like

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At a special memorial meeting of the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the

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not seen her brother since her second year. A few years

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T-IENRY WALTER DEAN, late of Rochester, was born in Morris-

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or self-communings about coming troubles interrupt the luxury

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wealth and irreproachable character, forged a large check, put

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every community, however well-informed, which, by reason of

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a spirit of love inquire " what may in fairness be said to be

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