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The present paper gives an account of further researches

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nniscles of the upper pharynx are probably governed by the ninth.

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fifteen minutes; also the faradic current with passive motion can be

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The smooth, fresher pneumonic condition which develops later is due

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should be from four to six in number and not larger than half a dime. If the

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forever. Her invariable and urgent question— a ques-

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that of a pin's head. Their cut surface has not a Ixmy apiuMirancc.

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First and Third Wednesday, 10.S0 A.M. to 11.30 P.M.

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1856.] Byford, Cases of Contraction of the Uterus. 349

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phatic and venous statis of the nasal mucous membranes extending to

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Z and of secretion, the materia alimen- unfortunately, there ishere and there a .piack

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journal of medicine and surgery issued in Montreal, and of

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a frequent and serious complication, and partly because the large abscess

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where the nail entered, open to the quick ; this will remove

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Most of the reported cases of xanthoma tuberosum have been ob-

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exists between chorea and cardiac affections. Bright regarded in-

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stenosis without complications show that the aortic thrill was

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nature simply and properly, physical. By way of illustration, — when

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tenacious. Breathing easier, and 30 iu a minute; basic dulness

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toration, or with a painless peiitonitis. etc. : in other

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mouths. Rats fed upon it develop clinical symptoms and histol-

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Symptoms of gastric ulcer began twenty years ago ; at one time

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Reaolted^ That the Committee on Ethics of the Wisconsin State Med-

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10 mg per kg three times a day for five days, followed by

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grouped so as to illustrate the different forms of the disease.

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ordinarily transferred to open pasture-grounds, along with

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Evacuation of the axillary contents is very justly the rule, yet to

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200,000 roubles has been made toward the project. Besides,

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borough College. lUd., 281.— Roberts (P. F.) Exilnien

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that the intensity of the odor varied indirectly with the

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The patient often vomits at first, but this does not continue.

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Gastric Myasthenia. — Max Buch regards myasthenia of

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and of his admirable bearing both to his professional asso-

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they first form rounded, then spindle-shaped cells, and

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sudden death, was found to weigh fifteen and a-half ounces.

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death to disinfect and clean a house, but would do this before.

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Cause.— The eggs, which are found in the meat mentioned.

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with a view to their professional advancement. Indeed,