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"VVeldon, W. a., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave
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before being sold, and thus rendered useless except
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employed with great success in a child of thirteen,
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calls which, in their profession, would be liable to
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a way which renders it possible, as in the Hill and
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tive constituents of beef and wheat in a soluble and
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ingitis in particular, in doubtful cases, he expresses
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E. R. Stitt, surgeon. Detached from duty as a member
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Gynecology. Carsarean section, experience of the Boston Lying-in-
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are, as far as I have seen, always attended by that
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mitted to the hospital Sept. 2, 1899. Is an involution
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slightly in the hours just before operation, but never
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showed marked variation in size, shape and staining re-
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a positive diagnosis of this condition was well illus-
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ScHUG, F. J., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of
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the children's milk ; 370 childi-en suffered from the
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editor of the Association, made in his address some
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Secretary of State for India whether it was true or
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not be shown to stand in causal relationship with the
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developed in the interior of a bronchocele ; but they
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;o dilatation of the pulmonary conus arteriosus, and
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by a man familiar with the subject, who has himself
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electing Directors of the Medical Provident Society,
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especially from the quiet, harmless, chronic insane,
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address to the jury in the course of which he said :
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this state is often followed by detachment of the re-
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Tetanus. The fourth of July and tetanus, 499; lesions that augment the
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sauresedimente. Sitzung-sber d. Kgl. Bayerischen Akad. d. Wis-
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police and a judicial autopsy ordered, at which the
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be in part attributed to that n rve from it supply to the
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M.D. (Brighton) ; H. J. Strong, M.D. (Croydon) ; W.
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was required to convert these probabilities into cer-
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In the seventy-six great towns of England and Wales, with
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notice by Mr. Dunn, lately a president of the Branch,
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He says we must first bear in mind that the oix'ra-
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ence W. B., my children to write to me forthwith and to
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his clinic that day. A short time ago it had become
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moval of the Gasserian ganglion and for drainage of hv-
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formation of the council to which the duty of regulat-
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It seems to me, however, that a man or wtimati claiming
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tion. He had always hoped to die before reaching the
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or some guest he would gallop for miles over the wind-
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colloidal in pure water is but slight, he attempted
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8urgical Association urging the ado[)tion of that method
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the scar to be perfect. No recurrence of the hernia.
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results of plastic operations upon the and demon-
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are .Vmericans. Should the latter find a house present-