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thousands," says a great medical writer of this country, and I

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is met with in a case of Koch- Weeks conjunctivitis

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Remarks : On 1, 2 r°. in an XVIII. Cent, hand : A Collection of Arms from Churches etc. in

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and embalming, midwifery and obstetric anatomy. Folio.

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been recognised for twenty years, and, during that time, many

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initials with red ornament] | DESIDERANTISSIMO | ET VERE BEATISSIMO | ACCLE

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stood, proving incontestiblv, that the wind whose perpetual changes

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countenance cheerful — moderate catharsis from the salts — appe-

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This was all a delusion, for irrigation with cold water is now pro-

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"Out of 357 cases, of head presentation, in which I have administer-

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Immediately after these statements were made to the medical

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vivement dénoncés. Quelques États américains ont d'ailleurs cru bon de prohiber

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One modern buff paper fly-leaf (iv 1 .), attached. 6, 13. [f. 69] is a blank half sheet;

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trocar of the smallest size — or even an acupuncture needle — would

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Ends (24, 5 v°. [p. 366] lines 2, 3) : nes of purgatorie abidynge fere fi mercy | Amen for

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Baltimore Animal Magnetism Report. — Although the newspapers of

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of cystic bile, by stagnation in the gall-bladder. By Dr. Maclung,

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it follows that a certain number of husbands and wives must

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Huxham commenced his account of fevers with a description of a sim-

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When this happens, the use of calomel should be discontinued — it

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Without obtruding upon the reader a critical examination of

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despumant ora : megera | [after a space] Culeus et boreas aquilo vulturnus et eurus | Subpolanus

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Les partisans, comme les adversaires de la légalisation de la recherche sur les

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Among the more general results are physical and mental

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being almost entirely gained in hospital and in consultation, he

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through the external meatus, without excessively stretching it.

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able to suppose that both arsenic and Roentgen-rays produce

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ocular changes. The most serious of complications of this

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and their Pastors and Magistrates. Well-known names such as "Master Elot," "Mather," and

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each 5-j->Oi-> illuminated headpiece and gilt margins.

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Darwin, of West Didsbury, with a history of three years'

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increased danger of infection by fresh and unprotected layers

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dition, whether treated or not, is an important feature.

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when hypersemia occurs, paralysis of the vessel, oedema and

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large heads, and it has been long known that they are exceedingly

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been treated with mercurials under an impression that his symptoms were

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