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of local and constitutional treatment with varying success. Finally, gal-

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Varieties, ('hemical Composition," etc. New York, 1872.

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and may occur wherever be the seat of the tumor. Choked disk is an im-

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had been added a few drops of a dilute solution of sodium cyanide (0.1 per cent).

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more, too little attention has been given to the physiological effect of

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envelop the infant in cotton-wool. If possible, the child should be nursed :

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ists and spiritualists agree in making very positive

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number, and that the rest be by direct invitation of the Program

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The spray tube itself iQ the Instrument Is not new. It being the same as that in J)avldson*s No. 59

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nor sex ; but one attack confers on the sufferer immunity from other

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lectures in Cleveland in three days. On another occasion he lectured

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nipple. On percussion in the right mammary line there was

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bearing gram-positive rods. The latter statement applies not only to

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It may fairly be urged that tuberculosis is not peculiar to per-

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vomiting, and epigastric pain. Ten years pieviously, a

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in cases in which there was much atony of the bladder, or

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Billitz {H9) gives the following results of the analyses of 187,610

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paper. Every case must be treated on its own merits, and cases

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the disease from a medical point of view. These experi-

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of unknown cause and identified myocarditis in ten. 34 The

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due allowances for the influence of friction in imparting

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In most cases, it arises from direct exposure, but sometimes it comes

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therefore brevity shall be my guide. Diphtheria is an acute infectious

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38,000. The acreage occupied by dwelling-houses was only

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calcareous degeneration, and the hyaline degeneration of Zenker,

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slight success in many instances. Aneurysm, however, runs a longer course,

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