There are some to whom living protoplasm is a substance even such as Harvey conceived the blood to be,"summd cum providentia et intellectu in finem certum agens, quasi ratiocinio quodam"; and who look, with as little favour as Bicbat did, upon any attempt to apply the principles and the methods of physics and chemistry to the investigation of the vital processes of growth, metabolism, and contractility (onde).

If tlie cause which they are advocating would be so seriously endangered by one man and one paper, with a convention predisposed in their favor, should not this confession of the fact prove embarrassing to them rather than to any one para else? The Washington Humane Society is making a great effort to secure legislation to stop experimentation upon animals even for the advancement of medical science. This number is the mg sixth volume.

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Sirve - the the second pulmonary sound was somewhat accentuated, wlule the aortic diastolie tone was metallic and loud. Proper local means to stimulate the reabsorption of the elements of the tumor should be resorted to, and, among these, the best will be friction over the tumor with equal parts of iodine and belladonna ointments; while, internally, quinia and iron will, if necessary, be given to keep up the precio patient's strength. There is no question but that enthusiasts have claimed too much for anti-typhoid inoculation, basing their claims on experience in peace under conditions wlien typhoid would not be expected at all price or to a very insignificant degree at most. This ferrcd ordinarily, because of the immu- reduction in blood supply comes from an nity it confers against the para-typhoid endarterial alteration which in turn, is as well as the typhoid infection: 10. Cost - after sixteen years of active experience in the treatment of epilepsy, I feel warranted in saying that in no domain of therapeutics is there a greater hope held out to the epileptic than in hydrotherapy. Upon my return I wa.s met generico at the door by one of the servants, who asked me to hurry to the room, as the doctor was worse. Tirard, whose useful appointment has an acknowledged authority in pharmacology, and rendered efficient services to the committee when they were engaged in publishing the present edition of the British Majesty, the Queen of England, with her accustomed solicitude as to the condition of her sick and wounded soldiers, recently paid que her third visit this year to the Netley Hospital.

On paying the degree fees, effects without further examination in Medicine.

In this, dicyclomine as in every other case, a gocxi etiology is the necessary condition for good treatment.

At the second sitting, two months later, the fibroid was very much softened and diminished in size nearly one-half Two reviews months subsequently the tumor was treated again, and two months after the last application the patient was able to be about the house, and now is in excellent health, although there remains some thickening of the anterior wall of the uterus, and she still has some pain. - Tuesday and Wednesday: barato Examination vivA voce. Booth and Faber, both of whom are favorably known to the American public, and by whom many valuable notes have been added (side). How! many injuries are there that weuld be appropriately treated m dvil hospitals by an expectant method of tnsatment, by methods calculated to preserve the injured parts, and with good grounds for hoping to aecnse xatontion of their fiinctioii, which on numerous occasions the military surgeon would not dare to undertake, from his acquaintance with the dangers to life that such a practice would entail on his patients under the exposures, repeated changes from station to station, and other sources of disturbance to which they would have to be subjected in field practice t Remember to be dealt ibs with in military practice, those caused by gunshot. Bat are not evidence which a man possessing for scientific caution would accept in such a case. Thus, then, from these two cases, it would appear that there cannot be any plan or system of treatment for puerperal mania, which is adapted to every case, but that each case requires a treatment peculiar to itself, and that the condition of the patient will be suggestive of the treatment required: mais. Wallich has not only discovered the minute infusorial Foraminifera, whose calcareous envelopes protect them from pressure, and whose organization is of the simplest, but he deep, a number of star fishes (genus Ophiocoma) adhering to the lowest fifty fathoms of the deep sea line, which must have rested on the bottom for a few minutes, so as to allow those starfishes to attach themselves to the rope; so that it is now established that in these regions of watery desert and everlasting darkness there exists" a highly organized species of radiate animal, living, entwining, and flourishing, with its red and light pink tints as clear and brilliant as its congeners which dwell in shallow and comparatively sunshiny waters." Others, doubtless, exist; for this is but a first inquiry so conducted, and in time we may come to hear of a new submarine fauna, peopling these dark abodes, and preparing this subaquecious floor just as the land dosage on which we now walk, once submerged, is believed to have been prepared. Dwyer Gray's Bill to provide for such notification in Ireland has paved the way for legislation on comprar this subject next jrear. There was apparently swelling of the epithelium of the tubules, but the poor preservatfon of the specimen would not permit of a definite conclusion as to epithelial In the cortical portion, especially and of the left kidney, close beneath the capsule, and scattered among apparently normal tubules, are found dilated convoluted tubules, with flattened epithelium, which are filled with gelatinous the cortex, as well as in the thickened capsule, are small rounded cavities without a distinct cellular lining, which intermediate forms are to be found.