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is under treatment for the primary attack. The second sound is some-

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If the technic of the operation is properly carried out, there

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the latter alone is to be administered are rare. Fournier's " chronic in-

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Syphilis is also said to cause it, though it may only act as a predisposing

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the direct extension of a catarrhal inflammation from the nares, phar-

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Definition. — An inflammation, either local or general, of one or

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virus becomes known, it does not seem that serum therapy could

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patient halts, both legs having become fixed ; after a time they relax and

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upon the trunk, to which areas has been given the name of hyster-

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Dr. Henry E. Spalding, well known on account of frequent contribu-

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that portion surrounding the urethral and ureteral orifices {vesical trigone)

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practically free from toxic effects. 9. Luff thinks that uric acid is formed

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the pericardium as the result of diseased processes, such as pulmonary

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guished from the aortic systolic murmur. Its harsh character and loud-

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falls. As soon as he lies down the spasms disappear, but they may be

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symptoms are headache, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, great depression

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intensely red in color, owing to the unusual number of red corpuscles.


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ern type, containing sections and drawing rooms, also a compartment car

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desquamated epithelium or dried mucus, and on cross-section concentric

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may it be with the upper segment. In such an event, however, the de-

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may either be- transposed to the. right side of the thorax, or the fetal

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To promote the healing of the ulcers a very light touch with the

probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin

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rapid diminution of intelligence. In some cases the mental changes are

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leukemic growths to the infectious granulomata, and the clinical history

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in its onset (acute uremia) or mild, insidious, and gradual (chronic

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is to be dreaded. Spontaneous cures have been noted in a few in-

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hemisphere, fibril proprise, uniting adjacent convolutions, and long as-