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effect ; some persons in the vicinity seeing him sought a physician ; in the

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The most interesting part of Mr, Butcher's communication is

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the amniotic liquid. He has even gone so far as to point out the

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To the Germans is due the credit of developing the operations

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determine the practicability of bringing down the feet. After

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mode of treating them, by reputable members of the profession, was

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Each timo the catheter was used to obviato retention, and purgative medi-

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valuable remedies, I commence with a plant to be found in

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down, I found the tumor not so low down in the scrotum as it was ; it was

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narcotic poisons. <fcc. It is the present remedy, and, if timely in-

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it appears that the systematic system is entirely dependent

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ogy and asked for further time, which was granted. .^iaillk • -

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the operation was not only deferred, but forgone altogether. Dr.

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exception of Case 13, which has since occurred, when a case pre-

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ball is necessary. A stream of chloroform vapour passed into the

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apparent history of the case." An enema of starch-water and

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Professional Honor ; — Not that reflected honor which our pro-

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cautery, we have endeavored, says M. Sedillot, to do away with

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posture, certainly in the West, and I presume among other parts of

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Dr. N. J. Knight communicates to the Boston Medical Journal his expe-

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encourage those readers who might not otherwise be inclined

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instances of children, 5 and 6 years of age, lingering awhile with

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him again in the evening and found reaction slowly taking

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occurrence, as I have only met with two such examples out of

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same relations to the nipple of the mamma in males and females,

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can you use beconase nasal spray when pregnant

large that a stomach-tube may be introduced through

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of the thigh. There was great pain upon rotation ; crepitation

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ment. We have reason to fear that this last experiment — this Branch

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this " old army surgeon " may have all the benefit to be derived from

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of ^the school, have offered a compromise — to that spirit of progress,

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as to the local or central origin of the loss of voice.