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must exist; it must be simple, and not the result of rickets; and, second, it must
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large as a pigeon's egg, and full of blood, and has seen one or two exam-
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compound granular corpuscles, without any remarkable alteration in
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patients, as far as possible, were removed, the house thrown open and
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causes of insanity. Perhaps its value is most evident in the
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but still, as a matter of fact, there are active minds at work
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through a nearly circular opening of about an inch and a half, the margin
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facial grimacing will prevent the encroachment of deaf-
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vent its detection. A small bag, containing eighteen grains, carefully
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ture and humidity favouring decomposition, they, in conjunction with rich-
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lunatic asylums, and that the ophthalmoscope wiU no doubt
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in tuberculous individuals, and is, in fact, originally a
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The author of this paper, which was read before the Medico-
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been her old complaint, but she repeated the ointment as soon as she felt it
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alcohol and tobacco, an open-air valetudinarian, a porch
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which I operated upon on the 7th of October last, which remains perfectly well
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18. Transmissihility of Cancer. — From some experiments made by M. Lan-
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it is of intestinal origin, some even hold that the Bacillus
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excessive vomiting. Those who saw him at this time affirmed after-
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choice of all methods of artificial iUumination is concealed
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even somewhat further towards the distal portion of the artery, and becomes
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Service and his eminent position as Professor of Hygiene
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it is probable that the families in which twins occur are larger.
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two cases of herpetic eruption which occurred in patients labouring
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lowered with water, it constitutes an agreeable beverage of
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first in the neighbourhood of some ulcer, wound, or contusion, while, on
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feet, or corners of the mouth. A very small quantity of pus may be discharged
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into orgamc unity of an idea, in accordance with fundamental laws.
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to the angle of the jaw. Next comes the labial, which is often
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was passed round as usual, and in the course of a short time three of the persons
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statistical facts point,'' he considers, '^ to some other pathologi-
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statistical facts point,'' he considers, '^ to some other pathologi-
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288 Flint on the Treatment of Intermitting Fever. [October
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faces on one another and by muscular action, it follows that one
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rily spoken briefly, but not, we hope, vaguely, and we have said,
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upon a wasted globe, I have never applied an artificial eye without
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orbital nerve has no direct communication with the optic nerve or the retina, and
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Coventry House of Industry, the deaths from which were 55, (27 males and
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these affections to leprosy, which are but slight, and unimportant.
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