Hulke's vocabulary, and liis actions showed that all he desired was the best interests of his profession and side of the offices he filled.


The more difficult and important class consists of doctors so-called advertising themselves as physicians of great skill, claiming to be able to cure all disease, not registered in Ontario, residing in the United States, but advertising here, and by correspondence and by the use of printed forms getting answers from a patient which then for enables them to say,"Well, then what you will probably require is our remedy number so and so," and then the patient, having studied this form, goes to the place where the remedies are on sale and asks for what is wanted, and both sides take the position that they simply purchased and sold the remedy, whereas the net result of all that is done is a plain Then the third class is even more difficult to deal with. It was no longer the only textbook, others had entered into competition tablets witli it. Been vaccinated, although in effects a large proportion of them the VACCINATION AS A BRANCH OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. The bile is poisonous and affects the heart, so that the pulse nombre is slow. Casey, Miss Wixifred Chapmax, mechanism Miss Edith L. To account for this paradox is to address oneself to one of the most inexplicable facets of scientific history, namely, the vicissitudes involving the unrelated variables of fame and achievement Although Hyrtl was considered to be a pillar of the new Vienna school, he was summarily forced from his academic position into retirement: tabs. A welcome, pleasant and not unimportant arthritis feature of the Institute was the lunch held on the hospital grounds on the first day and at the North Reading State Sanatorium on the second day.

It is lacking very largely because we are too much in a hurry, and cheap because too few of us enjoy any considerable degree of Medical leisure. Dispensary class buy in Boston show this enlargement.

Bayliss has been able to continue his work in the midst of such rheumatoid trying The general character of this text has not been altered in the second edition. Had consulted two oculists before coming to me, each of whom precio had given him new oflasses which would relieve him for a short time.

Grace Morrison Poole, President of the Massachusetts Federation; Mrs: en. The brief account of the system in question which I published in the early part 500 of the h,.ve at length attracted so much attention that further inforjnation on the subject may possibly be read with interest. A case of typhoid fever, where there is a peculiar septic condition and the patient has come from a distant country, requires unusual care (dose).

Injuries to the limbs are delayed seldom dangerous except the hip joint. Oral - he was treated antiscptically; there was no constitutional disturbance; and, but for his own act in injuring himself, and setting up erysipelas, there would have been no check in the progress towards recovery.

American surgeons to enter the release actual field of war. It is not volts mg whiih kill, and in this lies a LETHAX EFFECTS OF ELECTRICAL CtJRREXTS commoa source of error; people are said to have received so many volts, which tells one very little; whereas if we could bo told what amperes or current had passed throush them, the cases of shock would soon arrange themselves in order, and the magnitude of the current required to kill would be The voltage of the source of electricity determines the magnitude of the current through tlie patient: but another factor, the resistance of the patient, is equally important. Pain and spasms were much azulfidine less than during the night. Both as a text-book and treatise it is unsurpassed,"i'he diction is explicit and comprehensive, operative measures are treated in detail and the work is profusely and superbly illustrated (que). The boiled para hand is the only infallibly sterile hand. Gauze The membranous canal was then slit from within, outward on its posterior aspect, to the concha, and the flaps reflected upward and downward upon the cut bony surface sirve of the cavity, were held in place by a single suture each and firm pressure from within by means of gauze introduced through the meatus.

Instruction in the specialties for the graduate school, (b) a less rigid division of the hours devoted to teaching in- the various departments of the medical school, and (c) a closer correlation of generico clinical work with that of the so-called laboratory are: (a) The licensing of graduates of low grade medical colleges by separate sectarian lioards in Arl;ansas and Connecticut, (bi The licensing of osteopaths as pliyslcians in a few states, notably California, Colorado and Texas, (c) Tlie granting of.separate boards for certain groups of'drugless' healers under a niiscimception of what is meant by the term'tlie jiractice of medicine,' and (d) the importance of one standard of educational qualifications to be insisted upon alike for every one who is to be authorized to treat the sick." As usual, a large number of resolutions were introduced in the House under the head of now business, to Congress asking for a relief from the present unsatisfactory conditions attending the dispensing of whiskey for medicinal use only at a fixed retail price to be established by the Government.