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questionably afforded by severe infantile convulsions. It is
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14. That in the earlier periods of valvular disease, murmur
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the identity and even the relationship of the two affections.
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laid down in books, that mercury should only be employed after
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bl( jd in the arteries, and which is regulated by the action of the
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internally of moderate doses of the bicarbonate, or of the citrate
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nausea. Next day, hemoptysis continued. Ordered gr. v 4tis
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under the angle of the lower jaw, and, feeling the artery, press back-
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had been allowed sufficient time to perfectly recover from the
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be taken with reference to fowls. If the disease exists the best
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by its color in cultures, the high temperature at which it
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and chemical theories of the action of mercury. The tlieories
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5,000 feet in the Engadine, or 1,500 feet in the centre of Germany)
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That wounds of the heart are not in general immediately fatal.
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voluntary muscles. In the early stages the muscles look
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disease, especially the signs of commencing softening, had
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I think it may be found useful as a remedial agent in certain
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the eye is very limited, but so long as it occupies a central position,
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vations, to express not only those pathological conditions which in
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pidly disappears the moment the inhalations are discontinued. The
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send to any physician requesting it. The fact that you may have been disappointed
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Pathogenesis. — Subcutaneous injections of from i to 3 c. c. rarely
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a bougie. The repeated lodgement of these coagula gradually
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of insects, while in wound infection the virus is introduced, as
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nuclei, begin to be seen, but soon lose their rounded form, and be-
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vidual before or immediately after death. They are not effec-
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leaving the lips of the wound bare, or only slightly covered, the
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Sept. 1st. Was called to see Mr. T. G., who had received a blow on
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described in 1898 by Dawson. He gives a brief account of the
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lower jaw. When leaving the hospital, after coming as usual in
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disposSto oHn the incipient stage of Tnberculosi^s ; aa^ f^^^^f^;^.^.;^'^'^-
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sighing and epigastric malaise, or where there is no definite sense