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avenue. The new hospital will be a three-story fireproof brick

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of our anatomy posteriorly that Spigelius considered the seat of

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largely in excess of the corrected average ; it accounts for 4-4


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aorta was present ; and even in those three cases the cardiac impulse was

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ing. Their immoderate use, even without inhalation, may,

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above discovery these smears were restained and studied, and in

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demands of the body, and to make up for the inconsiderable loss of

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The loss of titer in the nondialyzed serum takes place within the

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chronic Bright's disease sometimes follow the acute affection. This state-

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forms of treatment, corticosteroids may prove useful. After

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lution of salicylic acid in emplastrum saponis until

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rhage in which he employed lint moistened with it with prompt arrest of the

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valescence often long and painful, but the fact none

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trary to Simpson's plan, the cranioclast was used exclusively as an extracting

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The solution used was that which is generally considered to be a saturated

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T^e external senses in man are Ave, tact or touch, taste, smell,

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since the war, and recognized each other. At the battle of

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wound diseases ; each method must be studied. Thus in the

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* Remarks on Insanity, its Nature and Treatment. London,

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tuberculous products freshly produced. The latter part of

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of Madrid, then a female community of thirty persons, suf-

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description of an outbreak is taken from the " Third Report of the

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units and installations of other commands located in the communi-

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oesophagus; lately liquid diet only; pain in region of cardia, where

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So far as I have been able to discover there are only two cases of tabes

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accompanied by an increase of full-time faculties in medical

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Prof, of Pharmacy then could not deny but that they were disagreeable

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speaking, biniodide of thymol. His plan is to disinfect the burnt surface

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arises from catarrhal decidual endometritis, and is most fre-

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