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the index of urea excretion, suggesting that following great renal

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exhibit in the reports their actual proportion of myopia, chest disease,

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the distant vessels, the swollen mucosa of the bronchial tubes and

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impulse. VI. Conduction of the excitation from the sino-auricular node

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Shin. — In fully developed myxceclema, the skin and its appen-

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marked when the action of the heart is increased. In some cases it

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ganglionic cells of the dentate nucleus and of the pyramidal layer of the cere-

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total amount and percentage concentration in two hour specimens col-

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put the percentage as high as eighty. Syphilitic affections of the

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and if the symptoms in the latter condition are in any way dependent

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showed typical skin and intestinal symptoms; had recurrence in 1911 and 1912.

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reflexes in the legs and a positive Romberg test. The patient could barely

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15, distributed according to race, sex and age at the onset of the fatal

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felt on firm pressure. The indications are not for agents which in-

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incontinence of urine, failing vision, diplopia and paresthesia over his back.

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Axillary aneurysm may be treated, when this measure is possible,

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In one such case snicide was the end. It must be remembered, how-

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and alkaline substances; Walter W. Hamburger and Benjamin Halpern 228

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ing this by the ratio of deaths to cases, a ratio obtained from hospital

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It will be interesting to see how these suggestions are borne out in the

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An interesting observation in comparative pathology may fittingly

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will always arise whether exercise or rest is the better treatment for

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threatening symptoms. Eumpf gets permanent drainage by attach-

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were made as follows: A plane resting on a prominent point of the cortex

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The symptoms are firstly those of ordinary ascites. When there

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part, be between the iodides, nitroglycerin (trinitrine) , nitrite of ainyl,

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Fig. 47.— Patient Represented in Fig. -16. After six weeks' treatment by thyroid extract.

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number of cells than in the cases with the low cell counts ; from this

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appeared on the lip, back of hand and on the great toe, cauliflower growths,

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Those pellagrins who survived the second year of the disease with-

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him for a few moments, and on returning found him dead. The

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action in this work (Fig. 16). This conclusion was drawii from a total

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attacks recurred at intervals of a few days up to six weeks, and lasted from one

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strength return, and as a result of this, combined with the improve-

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Schiff was the first to show that the fatal effects of thyroidectomy

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of progressive heart failure. The patients in more than half the fatal

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of cases. It is, therefore, to be expected that slight variations will

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each instance was found to be normal, and there is no evidence

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22. Verity, R. : Lo Sperimentale. ovvero giornale critico di medicina e chif-