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In the Physiological Institute of the Berlin University,
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The service would benefit in the establishment of a standard for
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possible to conceive of. It seems to me then that in addition to
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more apparant — the importance of the personal factor in medicine.
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even complete insensibility, even coma from epilepsy, or
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thank them for the journals and books they issue. I do not
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art of recognizing them in any disguise. Instead of goading
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The microz}Tnes remain upon the surface of the cloth when it dries, and are
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dent, and not " Dr. W. Clark," as by mistake stated in
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suffering with pain ; there was a beginning softening and atrophy of the
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that it is easier to achieve therapeutic serum phenytoin con-
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Dr. Parsons recalled a case in wliich a tracheotomy had to be
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cella. Dr. Trau saw the case and diagnosticated vari-
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lectures only as a matter of form, and for the sake of the certificate,
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preserved in a normal condition, and their perpetual well-being,
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bladder; the blood, in this case, comes away with the
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there is another ingenious subdivision of the viva voce exami-
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and received certilicates to practise, on Thursday, April 11,
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while two hours may elapse if the increase is only slight. This,
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convinced that there is some abnormal condition at the
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(Absence or presence of blood could not be verified.)
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at the same time they operate primarily to cause functional
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give purgatives to a drug fiend," he says, "measure
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